You were born complete. Everything you need to be an extraordinary human being and to live in an extraordinary way, you brought with you into life.

This means that your life, your every experience, is a process of discovery; discovery of all that you’re intended to be, discovery of the Gifts of the Feminine you carry that help shape your perspective and your response to life, and discovery of the ways in which you are meant to be an agent of sacred change on a planet that longs for change and transformation.

Women as Leaders, Women as Healers is committed to assisting and supporting you in that process of discovery, through classes, books, CDs, live events, and personal coaching. We are dedicated to serving as a foundation for the growth you are called to, and the power, wisdom, joy, and abundance that are your birthright.

If you are:

Tired of feeling small and less successful than you know you’re meant to be

Struggling to re-invent yourself and find a greater purpose

Eager to have more money and not sure what’s in the way

Ready to make a bigger difference in the world

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